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Organic Acne Spot Treatment

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Acne is an annoying, but very common skin condition. People will generally do all they can to alleviate the symptoms of acne. Commonly, this means purchasing over the counter facial washes or, in more severe cases, they receive product on prescription. While these may work, at least for some time, it should really be avoided. These products all contain very harsh chemicals, which is one of the reasons why they usually only work for a short while, after which they will need to switch to something stronger, leading to a cycle of increasingly strong chemicals.

Acne is a natural process, however. While it is made worse by the chemicals and pollutants in our environment and foods, most of it is simply part of our biological development. As such, it can also be treated using natural products such as Bee Friendly's Organic Acne Spot Treatment. This is an all natural, 100% USDA certified organic product. All the ingredients have been formulated to be able to penetrate the pores, reducing existing acne and preventing more breakouts. The formula is very fast acting, fighting the various bacteria that cause acne.

The product has strong regenerative properties that helps to heal the skin fast. It can be used on dry or oily skin alike, promoting its overall health. Most importantly, it is an all natural and organic product that contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, or fragrances. It has not been tested on animals either. Its formulation is so gentle and good for the skin that it can even be used on babies.

The Bee Friendly Organic Acne Spot Treatment is provided on a roll on applicator. This makes it very easy to simply apply it to a spot, relieving the inflammation and reducing the spot. It leaves the skin clear, feeling soft and smooth, rejuvenating it at the same time. All ingredients, which include propolis extract, organic witch hazel, purified water, lemon essential oil, and neroli essential oil, are 100% all natural.

Most importantly, the product can help rebuild someone's self confidence, which is so important during the teenage years. And since it is a natural product, the body won't build up a tolerance to it as it does with chemical and synthetic products.

Product Description

All Natural and Organic Ingredients Have Been Specially Formulated to Penetrate Your Pores Which Aids In Reducing Acne and Preventing Future Breakouts Fast. Organic Ingredients Fight Against Acne Causing Bacteria to Prevent Future Breakouts. Aids In Healing and Fading Acne Marks and Blemishes. Beneficial for Both Dry Skin as Well as Oily Skin While Promoting Healthy Skin.

  • Fast Acne Relief - Penetrates Pores for Acne Free Skin Fast - Fights Acne Causing Bacteria. Fast Acne Treatment Aids in Reducing Acne and Preventing Future Breakouts & Blemishes
  • Healing Powers - Regenerative Properties Aid In Healing and Fading Acne Marks and Blemishes. Beneficial for Both Dry Skin as Well as Oily Skin While Promoting Healthy Skin.
  • All Natural and Organic - Contains Only Natural, Organic Ingredients Such as Witch Hazel and Propolis for Healthy, Acne Free Skin. NO Harsh Chemicals, Fragrances, or Parabens & NO Animal Testing Safe For Baby Acne & Adult Acne Alike
  • Pocket Sized Roll On Stick - Convenient Roll-On Applicator, Spot Acne Treatment On The Go For Fast And Easy Acne Breakout Relief That Can Travel With You!
  • Boost Self Confidence - Clear and Healthy Pimple Free Skin Lets You Look Your Best and Boosts Your Confidence
  • Specially Priced Limited Supply .33 oz Size - We Sell Out Often, Get it While It's In Stock!


  • Organic Witchhazel
  • Propolis Extract
  • Purified Water
  • Neroli Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Handmade in Hawaii with All Natural and Organic Ingredients.


Cleanse application area thoroughly before applying. Apply a thin layer to affected area 1-3 times daily. For best results, use 1 to 3 times a day. If slight peeling or dryness occurs reduce application to once daily.

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    All of BeeFriendly's products are made up of all natural organic ingredients. We are proud to say that anyone can read our ingredients without the use of a dictionary. Each of our skincare creams, masks, cleansers and serums are handmade by holistic beekeepers in Hawaii. Our products contain beeswax with propolis and pollen, raw honey, organic extra virgin olive oil and purified water, as well as essential oils and vitamin E and more, depending on which product. It is a true delight for the skin, and one that can be used completely guilt-free as it benefits our environment and the world has a whole. The BeeFriendly beekeepers follow stringent standards and rules to ensure the products are completely organic and free from any chemicals or other pollutants. It could be said that they have built a relationship with their bees, who they treat with the greatest care and attention

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