Seven skin destroying foods

Wipe out 20 years of aging by Avoiding these

7 skin destroying foods

What are you eating right now that's making you look older instead of 20 years younger?

"You are what you eat?" Not exactly but what you eat does have a clear impact on who you are, and (this is what we're going to talk about) how you look.

Recent anti-aging nutrition research shows that you can reduce wrinkles, age marks, and boost the collagen "bounce-back" of your skin just by avoiding these 7 skin destroyers that you likely eat every day and using a special skin care trick that's been around for centuries.

Let's talk about what you absolutely need to avoid if you want to look younger.

  • 1. Sodium makes your body retain water leaving you feeling and looking "bloated" and "puffy." People with diets that contain high levels of salt and sodium-rich foods experience high levels of water retention that begin just below the eyes. In the long term, this overdose of sodium makes your eyes sag and droop. Avoid foods with salt and you'll notice that the skin underneath your eyes perks right up!

  • 2. Milk is already on the most avoid list for anyone with a skin condition. Studies show that milk exacerbates the symptoms of skin diseases like rosacea and causes acne growth. The source of milk-related skin problems, scientists suggest, are the high levels of hormones in milk. These hormones can't be absorbed by your body properly so they send signals to oil producing glands in your skin.

  • 3. Refined Grains and foods that are high on the glycemic index cause rapid spikes in blood sugar that age your skin. The sugar in your blood stream that results from eating refined grains (like those found in white bread) binds to proteins and creates toxic molecules that damage your skin from the inside out.

  • 4. Sugar is the reason refined grains are bad for your skin so you need to be sure to avoid foods with a high sugar content, especially foods with corn syrup. Your goal needs to be to eliminate high blood sugar spikes that cause toxic molecules (called 'advanced glycation end products') to develop and damage your skin.

  • 5. Shrimp and Shellfish are naturally high in iodine which is actually excellent for your skin when applied topically, but internally it can cause problems with oil production glands.

  • 6. Alcohol is included on this list even though it isn't a "food" because avoiding alcohol is essential to maintaining ageless skin. Too much alcohol consuption dries out skin, increasing your chances of developing age lines and wrinkles or even the appearance that you have age lines.

  • 7. Fatty Foods and Fried Foods actually work to break down collagen, the component of your skin that keeps it "springy" and "bouncing back" into place after it is moved. As you age, collagen levels naturally decrease (that's one of the reasons wrinkles happen in the first place). You don't need to eat to encourage collagen reduction!

Because It's Impossible to avoid all of these foods, you need to take care of your skin...

The best way to avoid the impact of skin-damaging foods is to avoid foods that cause skin damage.

But saying, "ok, I won't drink alcohol, eat fried food, and I'm going to avoid refined grains" is easy right now but hard to actually do when you're out to eat with your family or friends.

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