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About Us

Bee Friendly Skin Care 
is a company created up by a couple of friends who have a passion for natural and holistic beauty. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a wide range of skin care products to the market that deliver a number of key benefits. First of all, BeeFriendly's products are designed to give measurable results in terms of making people look better holistically. As a result, those who use the products have a greater opportunity to also feel better. After all, when we look good on the outside, we also feel better on the inside. Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to nature. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using the awesome power of bees. 

All About The Bees

A bee is a small little insect and one that many of us have some degree of fear of. For some of us, this is due to allergies, but others simply worry about getting stung and experiencing the associated pain. However, the reality is that, had it not been for bees, it is likely that humans would never have inhabited the planet. And if bees go away, we will probably not be able to continue to live on earth either. It is thanks to bees that we have flowers and that these flowers are able to reproduce through pollination. Indeed, our interconnection with bees is stronger than most people will ever realize.

Flowers are one of nature's most beautiful gifts to us. Indeed, there are various religious and ancient texts that discuss how important flowers actually are, often being referred to as nourishment for the soul. Without flowers, our planet would be a dark, desolate and unlivable place. But the bees do more as well! Besides pollinating our flowers in one of the most biodiverse ways (due to the fact that a bee will make a stop at different species of flowers), bees also create honey. This is one of nature's most important natural medicines and sweeteners. It helps in a range of ailments and it tastes good to top it off. Honey is a truly magical substance, one that, just like bees themselves, has played a very important role in the development and evolution of mankind. 

Bees create other things as well. Royal jelly, for instance, is one of the most sought after commodities on the planet. It is a mystery how this particular product actually works, but it has been proven not just to rejuvenate, but to actually extend life as well. All of this clearly demonstrates just how important bees are, and how many benefits they give to our planet.

Bee Friendly Skin Care Products 

Our skincare products have been around for a long time. We have long been creating natural products for our personal use. After doing this for a number of years and noticing the many benefit that these products created, we decided to release our wonderful products to the general market. However, it was very important to make sure we stuck with our ethos of being natural and beneficial to our planet. This is one of the reasons why it has taken us a considerable amount of time before actually marketing our all natural and mostly organic products.

What the company wanted to avoid was releasing a product that would be so popular that there would be a huge demand for it, thereby affecting the bees' production methods. After all, bees are not employees and they cannot be coached into creating more honey, spreading more pollen or creating more royal jelly. BeeFriendly Skin Care wanted to make sure we had the ability to create as many skin care products as possible, without at any point negatively affecting the bees.

In order to achieve this, we have partnered with holistic bee keepers in Hawaii. These bee keepers had to be in agreement with our company's all natural, holistic approach. Every product that is made, therefore, is usually no more than a few weeks old by the time it gets into your hands. All products are made fresh every single week. This means that the ingredients are completely fresh and of the highest possible quality. Most importantly, it means the bees are not affected negatively by creating more products than they actually create honey and more.

Being Natural and Green

One of the main focuses of Bee Friendly Skin Care is to be green and natural and serve the Earth. As shown, we have policies and methods in place to make sure the bees aren't over-farmed or harmed, and we make sure that all products are completely fresh. However, we wanted to take this further. One of the other decisions we made because of this was to keep our labeling and packaging simple and clean. We want to be friendly to the earth at every step of the way, which means there is no need to use unnecessary colorants and inks on our packaging materials. Similarly, in the creams and products themselves, there are no harsh chemicals or other product that could actually damage either the skin or the environment at the whole.

A Range of Products

Bee Friendly Skin Care's flagship product is the Rejuvenating Face and Eye cream. This product works on the rejuvenating properties of honey bee products, thereby helping users to reduce their wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, it moisturizes the skin very deeply. It improve the tone and elasticity of the skin by helping with cell regeneration. All the ingredients in the product are 100% completely natural, which is one of the main focus points of BeeFriendly Skincare. It is, therefore, certified organic, containing beeswax that is full of propolis and pollen. The honey used in the skin care product is raw honey and other natural ingredient include organic extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, vitamin E and purified waterl. The product is made in such a way that the skin can absorb it very quickly and does not leave any greasy residue as long as it is not over applied. It can be used on any part of the face, including the sensitive areas around the eyes, which is where the signs of aging appear earliest.

One of the thing that makes this product so special is that it doesn't just rejuvenate the skin. It also protects it from all the harsh chemicals in our environment, thereby stopping the skin from receiving even further damage. The skin becomes softer, smoother and firmer. Hydration and elasticity is improved, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Because the product is hand-made and completely fresh, it is possible for some separation to occur in the jar itself. This, however, is easily remedied by stirring the cream before applying it to the skin.

Bee Friendly is always working on expanding our range of products, to provide an even more holistic skin care treatment regime to people all over the world.

Honey and other bee products have a huge range of health benefits, and these can all be accessed through the Bee Friendly Skin Care products. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which means that the skin is less susceptible to problems such as athlete's foot and eczema. Interestingly, honey has also been a key product in Ayurveda medicine. It is said to help balance the three imbalances the body has on a material level. It has been used in this traditional medicine for over 4,000 year, which demonstrates just how good it actually is. Interestingly, it also helps to heal any wounds and burns on the skin, which is another reason as to why it is such an important ingredient in skin care products.

Bee Friendly Skin Care really wants to make a difference to the world. We want to help people on an individual level feel and look better both inside and out. At the same time,  we want to contribute to the planet by ensuring our bees continue to have the ability to play their important role in nature. Bees are on the decline, but thanks to Bee Friendly Skin Care and our Hawaiian bee keepers, a measurable difference could be made to the bee population across the globe. By being all natural, we ensure not just that no further damage is done to the planet, but that there are actually benefits. As a company, we understand that bees are truly our best friends. They really provide nourishment for our bodies and souls, helping us look better on the outside and feel better on the inside.

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