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Bees in a Box

Do you want to see what a swarm of 2,000 honey bees looks like?


Our Hawaiin Honey Bees are Made in the USA

While most skincare companies outsource their honey production, our honey is handmade in the USA by Holistic Beekeepers in Hawaii. 

This has allowed us to create a sustainable business where BeeFriendly products are made only in small batches. 

And we can be sure that Beekeepers like this one are keeping our worker bees healthy and happy. 

These Honey bees are making our Raw Hawaiian Wildflower Honey

Right now, BeeFriendly is harvesting 2 kinds of honey:

But the 2,000 bees in this video will produce Hawaiian Wildflower honey for our most popular product—the Raw Honey Facial Mask.

Honey is unprecedented in its ability to naturally heal the skin

Did you know that if you found a jar of honey from Ancient Greece today, it would still be safe to eat?

That’s because pure honey is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Even hospitals are re-discovering the benefits of honey and they have begun prescribing honey to treat 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Add that with the fact that honey is the only anti-bacterial on the planet that never expires, and you start to understand just how amazing these creatures really are!

We love our honey bees!

How can we not? Look at the ingredients list from any of our products and you’ll find that honey is our main ingredient.

That’s why we never add any chemical fillers or binders (or stabilizers, or anything else) because we know that no chemicals can improve upon what the bees have naturally perfected.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes video of the bees from BeeFriendly Skincare.

To us, there’s nothing more beautiful!

Many Thanks,

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