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And if you’ve never experienced the benefits of a facial mask, just look at some of these reviews:

“…One of my all time favorite facial cleansers! This does an excellent job of getting rid of pesky blackheads. I am literally amazed at the softness AND brightness of my skin after each use.” -C. Gore

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A facial mask is more than just a luxury.

Treating your skin to a good facial mask on a regular basis can be your best tool toward getting healthier, dewier and younger-looking skin.

Because here’s what a good facial mask can do:

Plus, it benefits your overall regimen. By masking on a regular basis, you help ensure that all your toning, hydrating and protecting products perform better.

You still get the results you want, but you achieve them at a much faster pace.

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But our honey mask does even more:

Most facial masks on the market are clay and only draw impurities out by dehydrating your skin. So we wanted to make a mask that had all the benefits of a purifying clay mask but that also left your skin super moisturized.

And raw honey was the perfect ingredient. Here’s why:

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There are hundreds of face masks out there, and all of them offer something new or different. Which why it’s so important to understand what you’re putting on your skin.

And the easiest why to do this is to look at the list of ingredients. Here is ours:

Honey, French Pink Clay, mineral-rich Hawaiian Algae and essential oils.

You can feel secure knowing that zero chemical fillers, binders or harsh emulsifiers will ever pollute your products or your skin.

And every jar is handmade in small batches using only the freshest ingredients. This means that your honey mask is harvested, mixed and shipped to you in just a matter of weeks.

A benefit you only get from buying a truly sustainable product.

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